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Privacy policy

Your information belongs to you

We carefully analyse what types of information we need to provide our services, and we try to limit the information we collect to only what we really need. Where possible, we delete or anonymize this information when we no longer need it. When building and improving our products, our engineers work closely with our privacy and security teams to build with privacy in mind. In all of this work our guiding principle is that your information belongs to you, and we aim to only use your information to your benefit.

At All in WebShop our mission to make commerce better for everyone, we collect and use information about you, our

Our values

In All in WebShop platform we trust is the foundation includes trusting us to do the right thing with your information. Three main values guide us as we develop our products and services. These values should help you better understand how we think about your information and privacy.

We protect your information from others

If a third party requests your personal information, we will refuse to share it unless you give us permission or we are legally required. When we are legally required to share your personal information, we will tell you in advance, unless we are legally forbidden.

We help merchants and partners meet their privacy obligations

Many of the merchants and partners using All in WebShop do not have the benefit of a dedicated privacy team, and it is important to us to help them meet their privacy obligations. To do this, we try to build our products and services so they can easily be used in a privacy-friendly way. We also provide detailed FAQs, documentation and whitepapers covering the most important privacy topics, and respond to privacy-related questions we receive.

Why we process your information

We generally process your information when we need to do so to fulfil a contractual obligation (for example, to process your subscription payments to use the All in WebShop platform), or where we or someone we work with needs to use your personal information for a reason related to their business (for example, to provide you with a service). European law calls these reasons “legitimate interests.” These “legitimate interests” include:

We only process personal information for these “legitimate interests” after considering the potential risks to your privacy—for example, by providing clear transparency into our privacy practices, offering you control over your personal information where appropriate, limiting the information we keep, limiting what we do with your information, who we send your information to, how long we keep your information, or the technical measures we use to protect your information.

One of the ways in which we are able to help merchants using All in WebShop is by using techniques like “machine learning” (European law refers to this as “automated decision-making”) to help us improve our services. When we use machine learning, we either: (1) still have a human being involved in the process (and so are not fully automated); or (2) use machine learning in ways that don’t have significant privacy implications (for example, reordering how apps might appear when you visit the app store)

Your rights over your information

We believe you should be able to access and control your personal information no matter where you live. Depending on how you use All in WebShop, you may have the right to request access to, correct, amend, delete, port to another service provider, restrict, or object to certain uses of your personal information (for example, direct marketing). We will not charge you more or provide you with a different level of service if you exercise any of these rights.

If you buy something from All in WebShop-powered store and wish to exercise these rights over information about your purchase, you need to directly contact the merchant you interacted with. We are only a processor on their behalf, and cannot decide how to process their information. As such, we can only forward your request to them to allow them to respond. We will of course help our merchants to fulfil these requests by giving them the tools to do so and by answering their questions.

Please note that if you send us a request relating to your personal information, we have to make sure that it is you before we can respond. In order to do so, we may ask to see documentation verifying your identity, which we will discard after verification.

If you would like to designate an authorized agent to exercise your rights for you, please email us from the email address we have on file for you. If you email us from a different email address, we cannot determine if the request is coming from you and will not be able to accommodate your request. In your email, please include the name and email address of your authorized agent.

If you are not happy with our response to a request, you can contact us to resolve the issue. You also have the right to contact your local data protection or privacy authority at any time.

Finally, because there is no common understanding about what a “Do Not Track” signal is supposed to mean, we don’t respond to those signals in any particular way.

Where we send your information

We are English company, but we work with and process data about individuals in England and other countries.

Transfers outside of Europe and Switzerland

If you are in Europe or Switzerland, your personal information is controlled United Kingdom, England for Creative Booster Group Ltd. Trading as All in WebShop, Your information is then don't sent to other locations.

Finally, while we do what we can to protect your information, we may at times be legally required to disclose your personal information (for example, if we receive a valid court order). For information about how we respond to such orders:

Guidelines for Legal Requests for Information


All in WebShop supports more than a million merchants, who in turn interact with millions of customers across the globe. Some of these merchants (or customers) occasionally find themselves in legal disputes which might lead to a legal request for information about a particular merchant, store, or transaction. All in WebShop also receives requests from law enforcement or other government institutions for personal information in the context of an investigation or enforcement of applicable laws. These guidelines explain how we balance our legal obligations, the requesting party’s needs, and the privacy rights of our merchants and their customers.

These are the principles that guide us when we respond to legal requests:

What Do I Need to Submit?

Each request should include the following information to assist with processing your request and reduce the chance of a rejection:

  1. 1. The name of the requesting body
      For example, the court that issued the subpoena, or government agency that authorized the request
  2. 2. The law or other authority that compels production
  3. 3. The All in WebShop entity from which you are requesting records
    • Please see below for which entity controls the information you are seeking
    • We cannot respond to requests directed to “All in WebShop” or “All in WebShop.com” - you must specify one of our corporate entities
  4. 4. The subject of the request
    • For example, an individual’s name, email, business name, or website address
    • All in WebShop cannot identify individuals with a common name (eg: Jane Smith) without additional information
    • Please do not provide us with an individual’s SSN/SIN, other government identification number, or a bank account number, or payment card number
  5. 5. The specific information requested
    • See ‘What Types of Information does All in WebShop Control?’ section below
  6. 6. If the request must be kept secret, please: (1) enclose a non-disclosure or restraining order, or (2) identify the legal or regulatory basis for the requirement
    • We will not notify the subject upon receipt of a Grand Jury Subpoena
  7. 7. If you require a Custodian of Records Affidavit or Certificate of True Copy, please let us know.
  8. 8. Deadlines for production, where relevant
  9. 9. Where All in WebShop should send the production
    • For example, email address of the requester
    • We strongly prefer to provide information electronically where feasible. Requiring physical production will delay our ability to respond.

What Types of Information Does All in WebShop Control?

In order for us to properly respond to your request, you must identify the type of information you require - please use the specific defined categories below. This enables us to make sure that the proper All in WebShop entity is responding to your request, and that we respond in line with relevant laws. This also allows us to adopt different approaches depending on the sensitivity of the information requested. We break our information into four categories, as follows:

How do I serve my request on All in WebShop?

Each All in WebShop entity has its own service address (See the ‘Types of Information’ section for more details about which entity controls the information you seek). As discussed above, the proper entity might depend on the location of the specific merchant subject to your request. If you are unsure of the proper entity, or if you name the wrong entity, we can direct you to the appropriate All in WebShop entity that maintains the relationship with a particular merchant.

Additionally, in many cases we may be willing to accept service by email. To inquire about email service, please reach out to us via https://allinwebshop.com/admin/#contact-us. Service by email is for All in WebShop’s convenience only and does not waive any objections, including lack of jurisdiction, subpoena power, or improper service.

For service by mail, please see our contact information below:

7 Clinton House, Sheephouse way
New Malden

or contact us: https://allinwebshop.com/admin/#contact-us